Saturday, October 26, 2013


All I want is to be happy, certain things i do, certain games i play, Its for me to be happy.... Sometimes I just wanna do something i will good about.... I love you, and I will always choose you over my games, please do not doubt that. But sometimes i just feel like taking a day off to do anything I want, sorry if i hurt your feelings, I din't want to hurt you, it was never my intention, but somehow i just did it, well I guess things don't always go smoothly huh? My sincere apologies. Well i guess our plans to celebrate my birthday in ipoh can't work out huh? Nvm... my birthday wish this year is to be HAPPY....always...

Happy birthday to myself :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church camp 2011 !!!!

2nd june 2011

Its thursday,at almost 3.30pm i completed my practical and rushed home to pack my stuff. I said goodbye to my girl and followed marcus and priya back. On their way back marcus dropped me on the kelana jaya lrt station and i made my way to KLCC and later on to terminal bersepadu selatan where i had to take a bus back to jb. The place here is freaking fantastic except for one important thing......THE INTERNET!! DAMN! I took the 7.30pm bus and i regretted my decision cuz i was freaking bored without internet == Nevertheless i had enough time to take my dinner before going on my trip home....
I arrived in my front gate around 11.30pm and my bro was there all alone in the house and was glad that i was back, haha! I shared with him the SAW movie which i had be so obsessed about and made him a bit addicted to the movie too! unfortunately it was a bit frightening to him! LOL! Only until 2am am i about to take a break from all the questions my bro is asking about the movie, zzz...

3rd june

I was supposed to be in class in the morning but here am i getting ready to board the bus along with my brother to kuala rompin in pahang where the church camp is being held. And apparently, i brought my SAW movies along with me in my laptop and made a few guys addicted to it as well! LOL! The were so into the SAW movies that we continued watching it even when we arrived at our destination. hehe... We settled ourselves in a room and all of us gathered in the main wall for introduction and ice breaking games :) After that we continued watching saw until the evening where we few fellas had a fun Frisbee game at the beach, haha! However, we played until too late and after bathing we were super late for dinner!!! NO MORE FOOD!! DAMN! I can only swallow kuey tiao for my dinner, sobs :( We had our very first session with DR herbert tan followed up by camp fire!!! wooohooo!! But saw was nicer than the camp fire cuz there was nothing much to eat :P It goes on till midnight and we had a well deserved rest although my whole body was aching after the tiring day...

4th june

Received a call at around 5.30am by my sista rachel to ajak us to watch the sunrise...I was half asleep and had to reject the invitation. I finally got up later on around 8am and rushed down for breakfast. Worship session occurs and the second session by DR herbert tan took place. Later on we broke up into three groups: adults, youth and children and learn more about love language, haha! All of us took a group photo before lunch and after lunch we had to prepare for Fun night later in the evening. Auntie shirley and elyssa was basically running the whole thing so i had no part to say....I just requested for a good role in the play and thats it..sheesh! 4pm: finally it beach soccer time!! haha! Its damn tiring to run in the hot sand which were burning my feet but it was very fun to play with the rest of the guys :) However we were interrupted by auntie shirley and was kinda forced to participate in some lame games, lol! I was so exhausted that i can hardly stand. The boring event lasted until 6.30pm and basically there is no time left to do anything else...I stand in my room to use my laptop while my brother insisted to go for a swim. I bathed first and went down for dinner. The youth from my group are kinda nervous about the fun night that will take place after dinner, I said that this was a gone game and we will definitely lose....I had a bad feeling about it. Eric and my brother boost my confidence by saying that we had a chance and do not overestimate the other team's performance. I gain confidence and my team was the first one to perform. We did kind of a good job by however was slightly overtime. I saw the other team's performance and i thought that we got it, we are gonna win it! When dr herbert tan revealed the results, i was stunned that we end up last! However this was not my idea anyway, so i dun feel that bad for losing it. Apparently The judges was focusing more on the theme than the entertainment, we were the group that has the most amount of cheers!! Ahhh! whats done is done, no use crying over split milk, this will teach those dominating fellas a lesson, i never agreed on their idea at the first place, LOL!
Following the fun night its BBQ time!!!! The girls and some guys starting to play night volleyball but me, zu guan and eric were kind hooked up with a conversation with titus, who attended jeremiah school before. We started of chatting about personality and psychology and then we move along more into the gospel and spiritual stuff. He gave a lot of good advise and cleared many of my doubt..but i feel really uneasy when the was sharing about his spiritual battle experience. End the of the day God will help us conquer our fears but all of us ended up being a bit scared when we returned to our respective rooms. My brother dun even dare going into the toilet alone! LOL! I was scared too but fatigued overcame me and i was sound asleep.

5th june

8am: Rise and shine! haha! Breakfast as usual and its time for the third and last session of Dr herbert tan. Its a bilingual service and i was half asleep when listening to the same thing twice. zzz.... Its the last day of camp!! Ahhh! I had too much fun here and was a bit reluctant to leave :( So all i could do was taking picture with my cool dude and some girls and posted them all on facebook :) I went back to bath, packed, had lunch and it was time to board the bus... we spend some time chatting,singing and watching some wrestling on the bus, having fun while we still can huh? :P
6.30pm: we arrived in JB wesley church and its time to go home! Goodbye guys! miss ya all! I ate dinner with mum and bro and then proceeded to try and complete my PBL assignments! AHHH! I totally forgot about it!

6th june

Finally its time to leave....I drove to senai airport with my mum beside me. Arrived in the aiport at 8am and its time for me to return to my usual classes.... sayonara JB! See ya next time! The AWESOME one signing off! :P

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The AWESOME one greets the followers of his blog!! haha! After my return to Johor bahru on friday 22nd of april, I arrived home. It was 3 months since i was at home and i was feeling that my home looks a bit different, haha! Nevertheless its good friday and my mum and bro went to church. I had my dinner after bathing and god i miss home cooked food!! hahaha! I spend the rest of the night gaming with my brother who had just returned from church :)

On saturday I was invited by george and ishqi for a game of dota and movie however i was not able to make it for the movie thus i have to return home early for a family dinner :) Told my mum and dad lots of stuff that they missed out during my uni days.

Went to church on sunday to see how my friends in church welcome back The AWESOME one :P Well not a warm welcome but grace was kinda happy that i was back, thank you grace :) She looks tired out from studies and all, hope she will be fine soon.

Monday and tuesday is dota day! My good friend wei jian accompanied me for multiple games of Dota! Although we lost all games on monday but we managed to have a couple of victories on tuesday with the presence of jun liang :)

Ivan invited me for a movie in KSl on wednesday! DAMN scream 4 was scary! That bloody ivan even prank and ambushed The AWESOME one in toilet! Grrr..... However i discovered ivan's secrect :P

Eric came and drop by on thursday to make a surprise visit to me! Me and my bro paused our computer games and entertained eric for a game of chinese chess, haha! Both my brother and eric were good players however my brother got the last laugh, hahaha! Thats my good bro! :P The AWESOME one has taught him well hadn't I? hehehe...

Wei jian blow me away on friday to accompany he and his gf's one month aniversary, zzzz.... Nevertheless my mum brought me to eat in a korean restaurant, haha! The food was delicious XD Kesian my mum that she prepared so much food for the bible study tonight but she suddenly found out that it was cancelled without her notice! I can tell that she is fuming, tried my best to calm her down, but she said she was not gonna host for bible study for the next three months! good idea!

An epic boring saturday afternoon since my brother has went for his chinese chess competition and no one was there to accompany me :( But at least my dad came back in the evening and we had dinner together, following by computer games when my bro came back XD

My final day in jb.....sunday! Had the time of my life with my secondary friends yee siang, wei hong and ah lua! haha! We went to watch an AWESOME movie named thor! cool! And we played 3 games of dota together :) The AWESOME one was mocking each and every one of them for every kill i get, wakakaka! And then it was time to say goodbye :( My mummy drove me to senai airport in the evening and had our last dinner together before boarding the plane...bye mum! goodbye JB! Don't forget! The AWESOME one will return soon enough! FAREWELL my friends and family!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


What is it with all this problems? Its exam period and i'm worried about her...She is hiding something from me, I can tell from her expression, reaction and her way of talking that something is bothering her...but she just don't want to tell me.. It bothers me to see that she is suffering in silence and I don't even know what is going on?!! Are u that insecure? Or am i not worthy enough to be ur listener? Do i have to resort to these nasty methods to force u to talk? Haiz... Does other people's opinion regarding our relationship so important? can't we run our own way? I don't know how many times more I can take. U need peace, u need to be more secure, u need happiness... u have to live your life the way u want it, happy or depressed? u have a choice...Its up to u to live ur life, if u need any help, I will be there for you....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday i enjoyed myself with my dear in the treasure hunt in college :) got so many pretty girls, the president of accounting club is pretty! :P haha! had a lot of fun and i also won the best male participate awards as well as 2nd place for team award :)
However, i had sore throat last night and went to giza for dinner as well as to get some sore throat sweet. However, during the night my sore throat became worse and i could not even sleep! This morning i got out of bed with severe headache and dizziness, so bad that i have to take panadol which i normally would not take. That drug allowed me one hour plus of sleep and i felt better later. My dear is so sweet that she came over and help me clean my place as well as bringing lunch for me :) But in the afternoon my headache recur and i had to go back to sleep. My darling settled her hostel issues as her new housemates move in and then she rushed over to accompany me, I know she is tired, such a big sacrifice for me. She got worried that my headache is still there and i can't sleep in the afternoon therefore she urge me to see a doctor. I called both my parents and they too think that i should consult a doctor. My dear went to ask help from a friend to sent me to clinic. The doctor was a nice malay man, who told me a lot of stories when he found out that i was a medical student and gave me advices on how to prevent headache caused by straining of the eyes due to excessive use of computers. I felt very grateful to my darling that she stand by me and take care of me when i am sick. Thank you my dear...I LOVE YOU :)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today i went to serdang hospital as well as upm with my coursemate to do some pathological studies. I realised that it was kinda time wasting as we had to do a lot of waiting and get little fruitful results. I do admit we learned some new information but the time spent is not also tires me out and increased my frustration. I guess most of the time i found that i keep on attaching myself to my dear, this made me think that do I have any other close friends? hmm...maybe i've been thinking too much. Me and her we talked about our opinion on things and i always try to correct her mentality and personality, Sometimes i start to think that a person like me don't deserve an angel like her.... I keep trying to change her instead of accepting who she is, high expectations perhaps? She rated me a 5/10 score for being her bf, just a borderline pass? I still have a lot to improve, she gave me a 6 later on and admits that she also has high expectations on me. Maybe she is right, both of us are trying to change to other, we are not mature enough to accept other's personality, i hope i can change this attitude of mine, but its easier said than done.
Well, there is a immunology test tmr and i am prepared to embrace death, LOL! I couldn't care less, its the end of block exam that is important, for the meantime, that will be my only aim!